Database Administrator


Full Time
EXPERIENCE : 0.0 - 5.0 Years CTC : 0 - 900000 P.A. Industries : Computer/IT Services Company Size : 2,000 to 2,499 employees
Job Description

An experienced MySQL database administrator who will be responsible for ensuring the performance, availability, and security of clusters of MySQL instances. They will also be responsible for orchestrating upgrades, backups, and provisioning of database instances. They must also work well in tandem with the other teams, preparing documentations and specifications as required.


Provision MySQL instances, both in clustered and non-clustered configurations

Ensure performance, security, and availability of databases

Prepare documentations and specifications

Handle common database procedures, such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.

Profile server resource usage, optimize and tweak as necessary

Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders


About Company

Technology-driven data mining company committed to serve the needs of our global client base. Our most important concern is to provide superior services through the use of cutting-edge technology. 

We place our confidence in the people we work with because of their perseverance and accomplishments that constantly ensure a pleased customer base. As a fringe benefit, we try to create a friendly, comfortable work environment for our employees - both dynamic and rewarding